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For this project I worked on a website that was launched several years ago but had not had any major work done on it since. My time was mainly spent on taking the existing design and making it work for smaller devices such as smartphones and updating the code to solve some odd bugs and incompatibilities. You can find the website online at kiddikrox.com.


In order to get a objective measurement of improvement I have used two tools, the first being Google Pagespeed Insights. Here is a comparison of the scores for the old site and the new site which shows the big improvements made for mobile devices:

Mobile UX Mobile Speed Desktop
Old Website 63/100 67/100 81/100
New Website 98/100 79/100 93/100

The second tool is WebPagetest which shows how fast a website loads. This comparison between the old website and the new website should give a idea of the performance increases I implemented behind the scenes:

Load Time First Byte Start Render
Old Website - 3G 6.992s 1.194s 4.494s
Old Website - Cable 2.398s 0.270s 1.593s
New Website - 3G 5.225s 2.003s 2.991s
New Website - Cable 1.688s 0.902s 1.416s

First Byte Time Keep-Alive Enabled Compress Transfer Compress Images Cache Static Content
Old Website B A F F F
New Website B A A A A

And finally I have also added two screenshots below, one shows the mobile view of the old website and on shows the mobile view for the new website. This especially should give a strong visual comparison for the changes in that area:

Screenshot of the old design The old design

Screenshot of the new design The new design